WTD x Salesforce

Utilizing Salesforce outbound messaging to streamline inventory management in Wordpress.

Work Truck Direct is a commercial vehicle dealer and financing company which utilizes multiple branded wordpress sites to list their vehicle offerings.

The problem:

Each time inventory is updated in Salesforce changes need to be pushed to each listing site. These updates are time consuming and include processing images, creating image galleries, updating copy, controlling publishing state, etc.

Having to do this manually increases the chance of errors, and can lead to the different sites being out-of-sync with the real inventory data stored in Salesforce.

The solution:

We developed a custom WordPress plugin that automatically keeps inventory in-sync with Salesforce across multiple sites. This means a single update in Salesforce can be pushed out to all relevant sites automatically, and WTD no longer has to make time-consuming updates in multiple places.

Salesforce + WordPress

Salesforce outbound messaging enables external applications to receive and process events that are triggered by workflow rules. These messages are delivered over HTTP with SOAP and can be customized to contain any information about the relevant objects in Salesforce. We created a custom Wordpress API endpoint which can consume these messages and update the WordPress database accordingly.

This reduces administrative overhead and enforces consistency and accuracy by treating the Salesforce inventory data as the single source of truth for the inventory on the different websites.