navigate the pitfalls of complex & changing technology

Technology should be a tool, not a torment. You can tame it, we can teach you.

The technological landscape is complex and constantly evolving. New tech emerges daily, and new techniques constantly rise up to compete with the old.

That can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. With new challenge comes new potential, provided you know how to harness it! We can translate the tech side, and empower you to make the big decisions.

LACO Technologies recently contracted with edG Design to replace our outdated website. The extent of the project was quite large in terms of requirements, functionality and expectations — the edG Design team met and exceeded our expectations numerous times throughout the entire process. In fact, their design recommendations and experience largely contributed to the effectiveness of our website today. I highly recommend edG Design when it comes to website design and optimization— they are extremely easy to work with and have become a valuable asset to our sales and marketing efforts here at LACO.

Randy Holdaway: Marketing Director, LACO Technologies