edG Design Work Samples

Who We Are

We are edG Design, a small web design and development firm based in Los Angeles, California. We are two college friends who have made it our mission to work with businesses of all sizes to establish an online presence that they can be proud of.

We love working with businesses that offer something unique and valuable to their customers. We build websites that help our clients convey that uniqueness and value in a clear, engaging way.

Our sites are beautiful, easy to use, and effective in allowing our clients to interact with their customers through the web.

Work Samples

The following are samples of some of our major projects.

These projects embody our primary goal of using web technologies to make our client's businesses better.

Currency Capital / Express

Three years ago we began a fruitful partnership with Currency, a rapidly-growing Financial Technology startup in Los Angeles with huge ambitions: to completely reshape the small-business equipment financing world. Since then Currency has grown exponentially, partnering with major players in the industry like eBay, and continually disrupting the antiquated equipment financing space. Today, Currency is a premier player in the that space, and offers technology that is decades ahead of the competition.

We manage all of Currency's frontend web properties, and work closely with Currency's product, engineering, and marketing teams to provide consulting and development services throughout their entire tech-stack.

Services Provided:

  • Frontend architecting and development (angularjs + node + webpack)
  • Backend: web service development (node), consulting.
  • UX strategy & conversion optimization
  • Analytics & business intelligence consulting
  • Visual design for web properties


Our primary contribution has been the design and development of Express-Simple: a complex frontend that allows potential equipment buyers to apply for and obtain equipment financing entirely through the web.

Express-simple is a highly configurable frontend application, that is designed to allow the business to rapidly onboard new partners and configure custom versions of the generic finance-request form specific to each partner's needs.

CurrencyCap.com (Corporate Site)

We redeveloped Currency's existing corporate site by optimizing the build process, refactoring the code base, and adding new features.

The result is a site that maintains their existing branding but performs significantly better (7x faster load times, more usable code, enabling new features and functionality).

Malibu Farm

We have been working with Malibu Farm for several years to expand and develop their web presence as they have transformed from a small cooking blog to one of the hottest brands in LA, owning and operating two restaurants on the Malibu Pier and an expanding set of locations around the country including Miami and Lanai, Hawaii.

We designed Malibu-farm.com to showcase the unique and beautiful location of the restaurants, and emphasize the unforgettable experience it provides to diners. The site allows customers to make dinner reservations online, order carryout, shop in the brand store, purchase tickets to special events, and more.

Services Provided:

  • Original design
  • Custom development
  • Media production / content creation
  • Ongoing website management and maintenance
  • Event ticket sale management
  • E-commerce management

We have been working with David from edG Design for several years now, and his services have been invaluable to us. He is professional, timely, and effective in helping us reach our customers and grow our business online.

Helene Henderson, Founder / Owner

LACO Technologies

LACO is a manufacturer of performant and highly customized Vacuum Chamber & Leak Testing equipment.

Services Provided:

  • Web strategy consultation
  • Full-stack web application development (Ruby on Rails)


We partnered with LACO to revamp their primary corporate site and to develop a web application that facilitates interaction with potential customers, and streamlines several key business processes including:

  • Open-ended custom configuration of machine parts
  • RFQ Generation / Proposal workflow
  • Invoicing and payment capture
  • Document exchange with existing customers
  • Advanced Content Management Systems

Digital Esoterica

Digital Esoterica is a small development agency based in Los Angeles that specializes in web product development for startups.

Services Provided:

  • Frontend Development (angular + node + grunt)
  • Minor backend dev / consulting (Ruby)

We have partnered on several projects with Digital Esoterica over the past 18 months, including:

Schwag, LLC

Schwag is a location-based promotional tool for small businesses to offer special discounts and offers to potential customers. We collaborated with D.E. to develop a web application for business owners to create, manage, and publish those offers.


One80 is a health services company that provides on-demand IV treatments to customers. We developed a simple web application for customers to request and pay for a treatment.

Pacifica Homes

Pacifica develops high-quality, affordable manufactured homes, and works with potential homeowners from around the country to custom-build homes and place them in desireable communities in California.

For this project we paired original media content (photo and video) with a clean, modern design in order to give Pacifica a fresh face online; they use it as a landing page for direct mail campaigns, as well as a lead-generation tool for their marketing efforts.

Services Provided:

  • Original design
  • Media production / content creation
  • Custom Wordpress theme & plugin development
  • Copywriting
  • Ongoing website management

Walker Advertising (1-800-The-Law-2)

Walker Advertising hired us to develop this lead-generation landing page for one of their clients, 1-800-The-Law-2, a personal-injury law firm. The purpose of this site is to educate potential clients, and drive more site visitors to contact the firm.

Services Provided:

  • Original design
  • Custom development
  • Ongoing consultation with staff developers

I've worked with edG in both B2B and B2C capacities, from website redesigns to enterprise product development. They provide solid direction based on research done within our company and in industries overall, which is rare in their field. I look forward to working with them on future projects.

Hugo E Gomez, Director of Digital Marketing at Walker Advertising